Thursday, October 9, 2014

Buddipole A123 Battery Pack

Yesterday I received my battery pack and charger that I ordered from Buddipole.  I had been researching batteries the past month and found the LiFePO4 A123 batteries the best bang for the buck.  They might be a little higher in price, but you'll get more charges and further life out of them than a regular lead acid battery.

I settled on the 4s2p battery pack.  That's 4 cells in series, by 2 cells in parallel which provides 5Ah of power at 13.8 volts.  It's a bit heavier and a little bulkier than I'd like, but I can take that trade off for the longer run time for my KX3 rig.  I think I'll get a smaller 4s1p to run my KX3 and then use the larger 4s2p to power my 100W amp in the field.  The plan is to get the amp, battery, solar array and charge controller by field day 2015.

I also decided to get a good charger too.  Figure if I'm going to spend some money on a good battery, I wanted to make sure I got a good charger.

XP10 with 4s2p from Buddipole

When the charger arrived, it was just the battery and the charger in the box with basically is what is shown above.  That's it.  I didn't want to hook up the battery and start charging as I've heard horror stories of batteries going bad from charging incorrectly, so I did some research.  I found after reading the manual there are many presets you can set as the charge controller can charge many different batteries.  What I didn't know is Buddiepole has already programmed the 10XP to presets to charge their batteries.  All I had to do was turn the unit on and select A123 balance charge!

I found a decent video of a earlier version of the 10XP (10S) on charging the Buddipole A123 batteries and made sure I followed this video and took good notes.

While I was researching batteries, I found some good articles on Buddiepole batteries and A123 batteries in general.

Here is the 10XP manual.

If you want some good information about batteries and solar, check out KF7IJZ's webpage.  He's got a good dose of videos on anything power that you should check out.


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