Monday, October 27, 2014

Elecraft K3 Case - Condor H20 Pouch

When I first got my Elecraft KX3, I wanted to get a case for it, cause I knew I was going to cart it around everywhere.  Why get a mobile radio if your not going to be mobile, right?

I had researched different options and saw some comments about getting a Nalgene water bottle holder.  I wasn't sure if this was going to work because one, I didn't know how big a Nalgene water bottle was and two, my KX3 isn't really round.  How would it fit?  Wouldn't there be a large void of space and the unit would just flop around in the holder?  Most of the rugged water bottle holders just said "hold your Nalgene water bottle".  No dimensions, nothing.  I didn't want to purchase a case that didn't fit!!!

Between the time when I couldn't make a decision on case, I purchased the Side KX cover for my rig.  I highly recommend this plastic cover to help protect the knobs when it's not in use.  After I installed the sides and put the case on, the unit became more round!  It was time to pull the trigger on a water bottle case.

After seeing Frank (K0JQZ) answer a comment of mine on one of his SOTA videos, he showed a Condor Nalgene water bottle holder for his case.  After he "endorsed" it, I grabbed one and I'm glad I did.  I love this little case.

Not only does it fit sung with the SideKX installed, but it has a front pocket good for your mic or power cables.  It also has a large zipper top which when the KX3 fits down into the case, you can place something in the top for more storage.  Power cable or fuses are good to store in the cap.  Frank also had a good idea by wrapping your rig in a ziplock bag, as if your out in the rain, you'll be able to keep it dry.  The case does have a hole in the bottom, so if any water get in, it will drain out.

Condor H2O Case on Amazon

Side view

Front pocket with KX3 mic inside

View from the top

KX3 and case

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