Monday, November 24, 2014

Alpha Antenna Ez-Military and a Stairwell

It's cold out there!  I knew not having a HF antenna permanently mounted outside would limit my radio time once the temp dropped.  I purchased an Alpha Antenna Ez-Military a month ago, set it up a few times in my back yard and it yielded some good results.  I really didn't want to wait until spring to break out this antenna again to start playing around with it, so I decided to set it up in my stairwell going up to my 2nd story.  The 13' antenna is just short enough to stand upright and not touch the top of the ceiling.

I used the same stand I use for my end fed antenna with just a shorter base.  I used the claw to mount the antenna and strung my counterpoise out and wrapped it around a dinning room chair.

The top of the antenna comes about 6" from the ceiling.  

The SWR for the bands are good for this portable antenna and my KX3 can quickly tune a 1:1 ratio on almost all the bands down to 80m.  The only issues with putting an antenna in your house is you have to climb around it and all the inference it picks up.  40m is not too bad, but 20m is S9+20 on the noise level.


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    1. If you still have questions about this antenna you can check out my YouTube channel at or go to the companies website at

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  3. Great blog! I have the Alpha EzMilitary and have used it with great success! I also have the Alpha Loop, Sr., Alpha Vertical, Sr., and the Alpha Moto (Mobile Antenna). I have several videos here;