Saturday, February 7, 2015

Alpha EZ-Military End Fed Antenna

I finally resolved my issue of not having an outside antenna!!!  Our local club, St Louis Suburban Radio Club, puts on a hamfest every Jan.  While roaming the isles, I stopped by the Alpha Antenna booth to chat about my experiences with their EZ-Antenna, which I've had good experiences with.  We started discussing my issue about not having an outside antenna and the owner suggested using one of their EZ-Antenna's with a 34' wire with my limited space in an inverted "L" configuration.  After a purchase of the EZ-Antenna, a claw clamp and a trip to Home Depot, I was on the air!

I drove a 1/2" stainless steel pipe into the ground just outside my back porch and ran some excess LMR400 I had around through a hole my satellite TV cable came through.  After clamping the base unit to the pipe, I measured out 36" feet of cable and ran it through some insulators I had purchased in a previous ham fest.  I also ran the counterpoise into the yard to complete the install.  It's heading off of the left side of the picture.

I drilled an eye hook into the corner of my sun room with a length of 550 paracord to keep the inverted "L" from hitting my window overhangs in the picture above.

I wrapped the excess 2' of wire back over its self at the end so I could lengthen the wire if needed.  Wrapping it back over will not effect the overall length.  I secured the end to my detached garage with an eye hook and some 550 paracord.  

I wrapped the connector with 1 wrap of waterproof tape, as there wasn't much clearance between the connector and the location where the antenna screws into the claw mount.  To waterproof it a little more, I purchased a can of liquid tape and painted that on the waterproof tape.  This product paints on wet and when dried, creates a rubber waterproof type seal.  I also put a small amount on the top of the antenna match where the wire connects with a wing nut.  When applying, be sure to wear gloves as getting it off your fingers once it dries is a challenge.

With no tuner, I'm getting the follow SWR readings.

3.5mhz - SWR 4.8
4.0mhz - SWR 3.9

7.0mhz - SWR 3.5
7.3mhz - SWR 3.4

14.0mhz - SWR 3.9
14.35mhz - SWR 3.8

28mhz - SWR 3.1
29.7mhz - SWR 2.4

50mhz - SWR 2.2
54mhz - SWR 4.1

My KX3 internal tuner has no issues bringing down the SWR to 1:1 on all the above bands.  I've been using 10W and have made contacts as far as CA.  I have a high noise floor because I live in the city with tons of interference around, but 80m at night seems to be the best time with only an S3 to S5 noise floor with lots of stations booming!

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  1. It's total garbage!! People buying it have no idea what they're getting. They certainly haven't done their homework:

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