Sunday, February 22, 2015

Elecraft & Quality Control

Last week I purchased the KXPA100 100 watt amplifier from Elecraft to use with my KX3.  After opening the box and inspecting all the contents for damage, I sorted out all the small parts to make sure everything was there.  The first package I opened up was all the small screws, stand offs and lock washers.  I noticed I was missing five #4 split ring lock washers in the main parts bag.  Another check of a TMP cable bag resulted in another missing four #4 lock washers.  With not enough washers in the spares bag, here I am heading to the local hardware store to see if they have the correct parts.  I can't wait 5 days for them to ship 9 washers to me from CA when I live in MO.  It will take a week to get here.  Hopefully someone in town has these lock washers.

This is the 2nd time Elecraft's quality control has failed me.  When I ordered my KX3, they failed to ship the battery shield and I had to wait for that to arrive from CA before I could put it together.  Now I'm missing nine washers before I can put my amp together.  Disappointing.

Don't put small parts free floating in a large bag with other parts.  All your lock washers should go it a small 1" x 2" bag.  All your board stand offs in another.  Same with small screws.  Placing small loose parts in a 8" x 5" bag with larger bags or free floating parts is a recipe for small items to be lost.  I've paid good money for your products, give some attention to detail with your small parts and make them easier for your kit builders to sort and verify them!

Elecraft, I know your a company with great products and I hear good things about your customer service, but your quality control in your processing and shipping department is horrible!!!!  

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