Tuesday, September 15, 2015

MS 150 Bike Ride

Every year the local Multiple Sclerosis puts on a 150 mile bike ride which they ask the amateur radio community to help with communications.  It's a bike ride with 4 different routes each day.  25, 50, 75 and 100 mile.  Each rider is required to complete 150 miles over the 2 day event.

This year I was placed in a SAG (Support And Gear) van for both days, which means driving a portion of the bike route and helping with general items along the route.  The largest item is transporting people who drop out or are off course to the next rest stop for them to continue their ride.  This year we had our share of flat tires, riders who wanted a lift to the next stop and injuries which kept us busy the whole weekend.

The local MS rented vans that I installed my Kenwood TM-D710GA in for communications.  Radio communicators who did not have APRS capability were given an APRS beacon to locate them on a map back at net control.

I captured all the APRS routes on Sat and my route on Sat and Sun below.

Sat SAG, Medical and Situation Vehicle Routes Above

Sat Route Above Along the Mississippi River

Sunday Route Out In the Middle of Nowhere

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