Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NM12 - Jefferson Memorial National Expansion (Gateway Arch) National Parks on the Air

Scott (ND9E) and myself activated the Gateway Arch (Jefferson Memorial National Expansion) on April 23rd. Our activation was part of the National Parks on the Air program, celebrating 100 years of the National Park Service. After some coordination lunches and sharing of a Google spreadsheet, we had a basic plan of attack, we just needed to secure the permits and no rain!

Our operating location for the day

Displaying the SLSRC banner to help promote the club

Scott's NPOTA banner with him operating

We ran on solar and battery the whole day

Scott in the operating chair

We had great weather the whole day.  We arrived on site around 7am and started operating around 9:30.  We made around 200+ contacts in the 6 hours we operated.  I thought we were going to run about 75+ an hour since the NM12 is a sought over national park, but with the band conditions, we made far less than the goal.  We did have a great pipeline directly into OH on 40m!  We tried digital for a while, but didn't have any takers.

Here is a video I made for the NPOTA team which was playing in the background in the ARRL booth at Dayton.

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