Saturday, June 4, 2016

Quick Change Dipole

While I was at Dayton, I picked up a 1:1 voltage balun from RadioWavz to make an quick change 20m and 40m dipole.

I used 12awg stranded wire for each leg so I'd get a little bit more bandwidth out of the dipole.  I crimped on the yellow permanent connector and attached that to the balun posts.  I then created a pigtail with a bullet connector soldered on the end with some heat shrink.  This pigtail is around 7 inches.  On the longer end, I created a small loop and wrapped the wire around itself for a point to connect the S-clip.  I attached the S-clip to some paracord and then to the actual balun housing.

I measured out 35 feet of cable as my resonate length is around 32' 6", as I wanted it a little bit longer.  To tune it out in the field, I'm using dog bone insulators, so to bring the dipole up the frequency, all I need to do is pull the insulator closer to the balun and wrap the extra cable back around itself so it doesn't radiate.

Here is the final product, ready to be tested out in the field.  We'll give this a go for an NVIS antenna for Field Day 2016.  I plan on running this around 25 feet off the ground.

Once you create the pigtails connected to the balun, all you need to do is make different length ends for the different bands.  Use the same technique to solder the correct bullet end and make the loop to connect it to the S-clip.

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