Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mix 31 Clamp On Ferrite & Torriods for Ham Radio Applications

After doing some research around common mode current and trying to keep the RF out of my shack, I started looking at putting ferrites on my coax and also torriods around anything that plugged into the AC. I found the following ferries and torriods that worked well. I sourced all the products through Mouser Electronics.

I used Mix 31 clamp on Ferrites for LM400 or my RG-213 cable.  This is the thicker coax.  You might need to trim off the outside plastic around the ends for it to fit.  This can be done with a pair of wire clippers.

I used the round torroid cable cores for my AC or DC cables.  Basically anything that gets plugged into the wall or has a transformer, I put these inline.

Torroid Cores : Mouser Part 623-2631803802
Clamp on Cores : Mouser Part 623-0431167281

You can easily wrap a thick computer power supply cable around this at least 7 times, maybe more.  I secure each end (entry and exit) with a zip tie.

2 3/8in outer diameter

1 1/2in inner diameter

1/2in wide

These are to clamp on coax.  The inner diameter is just big enough to fit around LMR-400, RG-213 or RG-6.
I'm sure you could maybe double up on RG-8 or RG-8x.

Inside ferrite is 1 1/4in tall

Inner diameter is 3/8 across

Depending on how thick your LMR400 or RG213 jacket is, you might need to trim it.  The left ferrite is not trimmed, the right is.

Palomar Engineers has a good article on choosing the right choke for your application.

I've typically found doing a little research and purchasing your ferrites or torroids online from an electronics retailer, you can save quite a bit of $$.

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