Monday, September 5, 2016

NPOTA - Grant House NS73 Activation

Scott (ND9E/0) and myself activated the Grant House (NS73) on Aug 25th 2016.  This was the actual 100 year birthday of the National Parks system.  The parks system were trying to get as many parks on the air during the week as possible.  Last count I heard for the week was 75+.

We setup just north of the parking lot in their 1st amendment rights area beside the big canons.  It's a very large area, so we had plenty of room for antennas, plus no issues with fall zones.

We arrived around 9am to setup.  I brought my 40ft military free standing mast and we jacked that up with guy wires to around 30ft.  You can't string anything within the trees within the site, but we were able to drive stakes into the ground for guy wires.  The site has huge +50 foot trees screaming for dipoles, but we were unable to use them.

My 40M dipole on the mast system was setup in a north/south configuration so I could get good coverage east/west.  When I setup like this, it's like my antenna has a direct path into Ohio and Michigan, nowhere else.  :)

Scott setup his big MFJ vertical antenna around 50 feet from my military mast just to the east.  He tuned his vertical for 20M.  Scott's radial system was very unique.  He used some old tape measures Harbor Freight gives basically away for free.  He bonded them to the stand and base plate and rolled out a 1/2 wave length for either 20 or 40M depending on the band.  Not to shabby.

I started operating around 10:30am local on 40m and picked up quite a few stations right away.  The noise on 40M was an S5+ as there were high voltage power lines less than 200 feet away.  

I ran my KX3 with KXPA100 amp and an laptop running N1MM.  I didn't know someone created a user defined contest for NPOTA until a week ago, so I ran the straight DX contest in N1MM.

Thanks to Scott for letting me use his battery, as I don't have a battery box yet.  That's one of the things on the list for this winter.  I'm hoping to have it completed before Winter Field Day.

I'm not sure how many contacts we made all together.  Maybe 150?  200?  I uploaded the log to LotW, so if you worked me and your not confirmed, please let me know via the contact info on my QRZ page.

Also check out my contest and audio page on this blog for a recording of your audio exchange if you worked me!  

Here is the YouTube video I created on the activation.  If you like the video, hit the thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more ham radio videos.

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