Saturday, December 10, 2016

SH5 Log Analysis Program

I've been playing around with the SH5 log analysis program to look at stats after a contest.  Today I finally purchased a formal license key for $20 so it could analyze a full log file instead of stopping at 200 contacts like the demo.  This program is really neat.  It gives every stat you would want to look at after a contest.

Once the program is installed, you load your cabrillo log file and it outputs a folder within your windows profile and all the stats/web pages are located within the folder.  All stats are displayed via a webpage, so you can port it over to almost anywhere.  It even has an option to upload it to your webserver via ftp (no sftp). It can even export your whole log as an XML file for even more manipulation if you want.

Below is the main output screen and it's very good.  Stat headings are on the left, actual stats on the right.  It does everything from displaying the log to creating a kml file that plots all your contacts via the qrz address of your QSO's in Google Earth.

Here is my 2016 IL QSO log.  Click on the link to bring up the stats and poke around.  If you contest and want to analyze your log, this is a great buy.

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