Saturday, January 14, 2017

Live YouTube Streaming the NAQP 2017

Next week (Jan 21st) is the NCJ NA QSO Party.  It's a really fun contest with little pressure as it's a great first contest for someone trying to get into contesting.  The contest starts at 1800 UTC and runs for 12 hours, so it's not taking your whole weekend away from you.  The goal is to make as many contacts on 160 through 6 meters, minus 20, 17 and 12 meters with contacts only in North America.  The rules can be found here :

I'll be operating over at Justin's house (KE0HXL) as his house has a quiet signal with a low noise floor with lots of tress for dipoles.  We operate as multi-two, meaning we can have two transmitted signals on the air at the same time, as long as we are transmitting on two different bands.

This year we'll be trying something new.  Along with my basic YouTube video I'll be putting out at a later date, we are going to try and stream the whole contest via YouTube.  Not sure of the particulars quite yet but it should be fun to try and experiment with this technology.  

Be sure to follow my YouTube channel (search for N0KTK or click on the YouTube tab above) for information around the stream location starting around 11:45am central time.  We will go on the air around 15 to 30 mins before the contest starts.

Hope to see you in the stream and work you on the air!

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  1. This is one contest no one can afford to miss, thank you for sharing the details. The link is very helpful as it is the other face of more info regarding the rules of the goals at lenghs.