Sunday, January 29, 2017

NA QSO SSB Jan 2017

I worked the Jan 2017 NAQP contest again with Justin (KE0HXL) running mult-two.  We had come in 11th in Aug, so we tried for the top 10 this run.  Last year Aug we had right at 400 QSO's for 9 hours of operating.  This year we bettered our QSO's by 86 and our score by around 20K.

Since we pulled up some rope during the Aug QSO party, Justin left it in his trees, so stringing the 80m - 6m Windom was easy.  We also put up a my NVIS 40m - 80m dipole for close communications.  Justin ran a 20 and 40m fan dipole.

I started out on 15m running while trying to search and pounce on another VFO slice.  After around an hour 15m started to dry up and I came down to 40m.  For some reason I do really well on 40m, unlike 20m which I have a hard time making contacts.

I did pop up to 20m a few times to run, but I let Justin have 20m.  Once night fell, I switched to 80 and ran there for a bit.

Looking on 3830 scores, looks like not only did we better our score by 20K, we dropped in rank to around 14th or 15th in the multi-two category.

One thing we did try was streaming the whole contest on YouTube.  You can see the links below of the video and my audio.  Justin's audio was not included in the stream because I could not find a mixer.

I also purchased a copy of SH5 which does some contest analysis of the log file.

Contest results

YouTube Video

Part 2

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