Wednesday, March 15, 2017

All about APRS

Want to know more about APRS?  Check out these two podcasts.  After taking a trip for work, I loaded these two on my phone and listened while I traveled.  3 hours later, I knew a ton more about APRS than I did before I started.  Some things about APRS I thought were correct were not correct and some I didn't even know existed.

If you ever looked at APRS documentation on the internet, you know it's a nightmare.  There isn't a single source of info, how it works or even how it's useful, but if you listen to these two podcasts before setting up an APRS rig, you'll have such an easier time than I did fighting with issues.

APRS Part 1

APRS Part 2 - Q&A

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  1. I had the same condition just like you and I didn't even knew a work about its working but after listening to these podcasts I can say that they are worth better than internet.