Saturday, May 20, 2017

Where Am I? An Update.

Where have I gone?  What do I do with all my time?  Why haven't I posted in a very long time?  I'm sure you're all asking as you hang on very word within this blog...

Well...I'm here to say, I don't have any excuse to give that will satisfy you, other than I've been busy working on other things.  But I'm also here to say a "barrage" of stuff is coming!  What have I been working on? Here is the excuse list (ham related).

1) I'm the webmaster for my local club, St. Louis Suburban Radio Club (SLSRC) and we are launching a new website Memorial Day weekend.  Migrating over all the info, putting new info together, getting layout, colors, events put on the new website is time consuming.  With the new website we have a "new ham" section spanning what is Amateur Radio to getting your license to the question "now I have my license, what is next?".  Hopefully the new website will be a portal others will use to not only get SLSRC info but also get related ham radio info.

2) I've been operating quite a bit more lately on the weekends.  Since MO QSO, I've taken the KX3 rig out a half a dozen times to operate for a few hours QRP.  No amp, just a small dipole or end fed vertial, an A123 battery some coax and my rig.  I've taken a few videos of my operating, so be looking for those intertwined within the regular videos.

3) MO QSO video is coming!  In 4 or maybe 5 parts.  Part 1 is out there on my YouTube page documenting the equipment and drive up to the campsite.  Part 2 will be setup.  Part 3 will be operating.  Part 4 will be teardown and misc items including all the food and goofing around we did.  Part 5 might be everything else that hit the cutting room floor.  Editing video is hard.  It takes around an 45min to an hour of editing per final min of video, so they take some time.  Below is the link to Part 1.

Those are the three ham radio excuses on why I've not been as active on my blog and YouTube channel lately.  I have some vacation coming up and one goal is to make more blog posts and finish up some have edited videos I have sitting around, so be looking for more stuff in the coming weeks to months.